Amsterdam Internship Program Information

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Amsterdam Internship Program Info.

The leadership of the Amsterdam church is excited to support interns who would like to come to the city to help build God's Kingdom.

The church is full of loving and caring disciples of all ages and backgrounds and is known to be a host of many campus, teen and leadership events in recent years.  We are a small, but growing church in an international city where most everyone speaks english.

Amongst the many international and national schools, there are 2 large universities in Amsterdam of 50,000-60,000 students each, in a city filled with bicycle paths and beautiful parks. And not to forget, full of hundreds of outdoor terraces where everyone takes their time to meet friends, do some homework, or just enjoy a peaceful moment.

To get ALL the details: Click here to visit the Amsterdam Interns Group Space 

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The need

There is a resurgence of people searching for God in Amsterdam as several news media have reported recently. There are 7.1 Million people in the larger metropolitan Amsterdam area and many are also internationals who are filling the many open job positions in the country.  The church in Amsterdam has been one of the largest on the continent in years past, and we hope and pray that God will send us workers to help grow his church once again!  There is a continual increase in the amount of visitors but not enough disciples to be able to build friendships and help study God's word.


Amsterdam is blessed to have a stable leadership team full of faithful, gifted and responsible disciples. Some are teachers, others business or medical professionals. The leaders are well respected in the community and love to serve in God's Kingdom. The church is blessed to have a couple with many years of experience in campus and youth ministry leadership leading the campus and intern efforts.


How dangerous is Amsterdam ?

Amsterdam is a comparatively "safe" city.  You should be aware of pick-pockets, but generally Dutch people (especially in Amsterdam)  like to help strangers more so than most other big cities in the world.  Small town approach in a big city is the general vibe.

There are no areas/neighborhoods of major significance that are "dangerous" for an average person. Outside of the inner-city the neighborhoods are friendly and low-key. There are no "poor" neighborhoods compared to what one would find in some other countries and cities in the world. Instead the neighborhoods are very diverse and mixed from an income level perspective, with some neighborhoods more leaning towards students or young professionals than others.

Police in the Netherlands and in Amsterdam do not see themselves as "authoritative" or "corrective", their attitude is generally super friendly with a desire to support what is positive. They will gladly help you find your way and walk with you to point you in the right direction. They mostly wear dark blue uniforms with reflective bright yellow bands.


What about drugs and sex?

To some people Amsterdam is a place to visit for its "red light" district or its "pot smoking" culture. This is indeed present in the (small) area of no more than a few city blocks. It is completely government controlled and all activities are monitored and registered.  The area is easy to avoid and does not represent the culture of Amsterdam or its many beautiful parks, cafe's and many museums.

Drugs: It is NOT legal to sell drugs in Amsterdam in general and only a few places called "Coffee Shops" (a cafe, restaurant is where you drink coffee) are allowed to sell them if they keep them inside. They are clearly marked and marketed to tourists specifically looking for such a thing.  It is not helpful or upbuilding to the members; students and teens in Amsterdam to get encouraged by visitors to visit these areas and see what it is all about.

If you have a desire to make a difference in helping people with addiction problems or helping people get their strength from Jesus instead of vices, feel free to ask how you can be part of that effort!

Prostitution: There is a very small, regulated area in the city where prostitution is "allowed". It is very unfortunate that people in this area, of which many are from poorer countries have to resort to this way of living. 

There are Christian based outreach programs located next door from these activities that make themselves available to help people in this "industry" transition out.  If you have an interest in helping with that, we would love to discuss options.  Outside of that we love to reach out to all people of Amsterdam to help them get to know Christ.


Any other things to know?

It helps to know how to ride a bicycle... :)  Dogs are amazingly well behaved and trained here and most people work only 4 days and have lots of vacation each year. Quality of life is a top priority.

OK, maybe on a bit more serious note.  The couple leading the church, after being trained in campus ministry and leading full time in Boston, started the Amsterdam Church in 1992.  They moved back to the US in 1995 where they started several technology and software related businesses in Atlanta and Chicago amongst others. A few years ago they decided to travel and see how they could help young professionals and startups from a Christian perspective. God used this to move them back to Amsterdam, where they now are helping to train the leadership and the church with God's help and are excited to see its growth.


What kinds of internships are there?

There are short term 1-3 months and longer term internships, The people in Amsterdam really lean on great friendships, which means that longer term internships are generally more desired than shorter term.  However, God works in every way. We would love to hear what He has put on your heart.

Long term Internships: The Dutch government has special allowances for 1-3 year church internships where a special work permit can be issued. In many cases this can be extended. If you have a passion to serve in Europe, let us know. Amsterdam may be the best place to start.


What else?

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