Teen Character Studies

Site Admin • 28 July 2018

Teen character studies:

Based on Bible studies from various sources around the Kingdom, we are building a "library" of studies that can be accessed at any time and anywhere.

Our goal:

  1. make them accessible from anywhere / mobile and printable.
  2. make them editable (by designated content editors - teen leaders)
  3. allow feedback and questions to improve them
  4. translate them in various languages


We are making every effort to setup the studies in such a way that questions will hopefully lead to heart convictions.  We hope to avoid "feeding" or "leading" with answers, since we believe that God's word speaks for itself and an open heart will see the application as God intended it without our interference.


Here is the link to the Teen space where the studies are located.

You need to be a member to access the studies and can send us an email to request access.