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ways you can help make the community shine

Volunteer help

Volunteering for WorkYourfaith means that you will serve God by impacting disciples who love to serve locally, all over the world.

The skills and gifts you have will be used in a very unique way to help spiritual leaders connect more effectively and  help them find resources to help others quicker. The mission field is starving for inspiration and information. Churches are looking for better ways to train their leaders. This unique opportunity to provide a spiritual, safe community for leaders everywhere will help spread the Gospel and glorify God more effectively.

Thank you for considering donating your time and gifts to help build God's Kingdom!

Financial help

New features... New services... New Articles... Training materials for interns and those seeking to learn to become better servants in God's Kingdom.

WorkYourFaith is looking for people who are willing to contribute financially to make the platform even better. Please contact us to see how you can help fund this effort. We also would love to hear from you if you want to connect us with someone who would love to be a donor and fund specific initiatives we have planned for the community.


We are working on providing payment options to the platform. In the mean time, please contact us for more information.

What specifically is needed?

  • Minor content writers
    • You are recognized in your smaller fellowship circle as an inspirational writer
    • You would like to write short articles for specific groups that fit your style and audience.
    • You are willing to submit your articles/studies for review
    • Upon successful acceptance, you may be asked to become a frequent contributor and given direct access to post your material.
  • Major content writers
    • You are a recognized writer for the Churches of Christ or are a recommended writer by (your) ministry leaders.
    • Your content has a following and is inspirational or educational in nature
    • You are willing to get your content reviewed and possibly edited by our staff and/or,
    • You are willing to adapt your material to meet the needs of this community
    • You are willing to let your material be translated for the needs of this community
  • Content translators
    • Content is provided to you and you translate it to another language
    • Translated content is reviewed for acceptance and used in the community
  • Video contributors
    • You provide  high quality video content
    • Your videos are Biblically sound and inspirational
    • You are willing to edit your video content based on feedback from our service team
  • Content conversion specialists (retype/reformat)
    • You like to take unformatted content / text and format it to look pleasing and readable.
    • You love the idea of providing high-quality great looking content to Christians
    • You have an eye for design and love making reading and viewing content a pleasure for all people of all ages.