(EN) What is a Space?

Site Admin • 8 February 2018
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  • A Closet Space

  • A Meeting Space

  • A Class Space

  • A Group Space

A space is where we organize something.  A place where we can come together.

Work Your Faith has lots of Spaces, where activities can happen.


The Closet Space

You may have seen the children's ministry closet.  It is full of teaching materials, craft materials and toys. Every Sunday the teachers go in and pull things out of the closet.  Whatever they need to make  their class great.

Frequently, the leaders/teachers that use the closet organize a meeting to make sure all is organized properly and enough materials and supplies are in the closet.

Then there are a few people who make sure things are labeled right and organized properly.  They go back into the closet to rearrange, re-lable and re-color-code everything.

The same happens here. 

A children's ministry (closet) space contains:

  • Teaching materials
  • Craft ideas
  • Video's / video links
  • etc,

Further more, those that manage the Space, can organize things and (re)-lable them.


The Meeting Space

Then there are spaces where for instance the leaders of the church meet.  They can schedule their meetings, they post discussions and they make announcements. It is also a place where leaders training materials are kept and other valuable information to help leaders serve the church as effective and loving as possible.

The meeting space allows for leaders to share their bible studies and insights in God's word of various topics that may be helpful for each other and for the church.

The things discussed in this meeting space can be recorded and saved for future reference.



So hopefully, you get the idea, a Space is a place where people can come together and where they can get inspired.  When you become a member of a space, you are part of a group that can encourage and help each other.