The Good News study series are designed to help us understand God's love for us and how we can have a relationship with him.

The Bible gives us a great starting point when we read in Ephesians 4:4-6 (NIV) that there is:

  • One Body (The Church)
  • One Spirit 
  • One Hope (The Cross)
  • One Lord (Discipleship)
  • One Faith (God's Word)
  • One Baptism
  • One God and Father

The Good News studies are best done with at least one other person who has done them before, someone you respect because of their walk with God as well as their love for other people.

A relationship is experienced and not a set of rules or expectations that needs to be met to be "accepted". Disciples of Jesus pass a relationship on and not only knowledge. Therefore, these studies are not useful without the proper context of relationships with others who also have a relationship with God and can encourage and support us to gain the same.


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